Top 9 rabbit breeds for children pet

Some bunny breeds are difficult to be friend and obtain the confidence of than many others. Whilst the breeds are normally favorable and magnificent meaning they are not ideal pets for kids.

Though for a few breeds it’s uncommon for a bunny to live beyond the age of 6 they have shorter life spans, averaging at 4!

The Sussex rabbits

Although a relatively new breed, is currently creating a name for itself as a pet. It’s intelligent, docile and curious, in addition to friendly, which makes it effortless to instruct tips to this strain. Prone to greediness, so it’s ideal to track their weight and decrease this bunny breed may become fat snacks in the event that you are feeling than she ought to be your bun is becoming rounder.

Himalayan rabbits


They are among the breeds for kids, they’re friendly, enthusiastic in whatever you easy-going and do. They have a gorgeous look – a glossy body with ears and a nose. This strain is among the very energetic and the cuddliest of bunny breeds, but in the kind of toys and attention they need a great deal of stimulation with this.

Californian rabbits


They are larger and may weigh up to 12lbs, although in look the Californian rabbit strain is much like the Himalayan. They are relaxing and friendly animals who also make pets and love attention.

Thrianta rabbits

She possess a such as look and are famous as creatures that are gentle, social and friendly. They’ve a colored coat and so are soft. They weigh about 5-6lbs and do as making pets that are perfect for families with kids, in addition to reveal rabbits.

Dutch Rabbits

Rabbits have a gorgeous look and are usually black and white or brown and white in color. They’re friendly and calm, but might require some encouragement with as they are sometimes shy to start. They are 5lbs when they’re fully grown.

The Florida White rabbit

As its name implies is a white bunny, typically with eyes. They have become well known and as pets, although these rabbits were used for meat and lab evaluation areas. They are rather small, weighing about 4.5-6lbs and are amazingly tolerant, so again, are a fantastic pet for kids.

Harlequin rabbits

They are japanese are all pets – in the event that you’d like a bunny that could learn tricks it’s been considered ‘dog-like’. This is a bunny and is tender, calm and enjoyable. They love as their mark need to be perfect folks but revealing this strain is difficult! The body is black area.

Chinchilla Rabbits

Chinchilla rabbits are amazing with a sweet-mature and serene character. They’re famous for their fur that is soft and everybody loves to stroke them. They’re a strain to maintain if you’re currently searching for a house-rabbit but do outdoors.

French Lop Rabbits

The Lop may weigh up to 14lbs and is the biggest of the lop strains. They can be wonderful pets – particularly in the event that you want a gentle giant and will be prepared to greet you if you get home, personally and socialise.

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